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Name:Due South Fanworks
Posting Access:All Members
This community is for fans to post (or post links to) their creative fanworks inspired by due South, a Canadian television series that ran from 1994-1999.

Fanfiction, fanvids, fanart, fanmixes, meta, reviews (of shows and fic) and rec lists are all welcome and encouraged. All genres are welcome, and all ratings are welcome, including content which should be viewed with discretion.

You are welcome to post ads for any challenges/fests/etc. that are specifically related to due South! (If you're looking to post an ad for a multifandom challenge/fest/etc., please only do so if you can link directly to due South material -- the dS prompts in the Porn Battle, dS offers for a charity fundraiser, etc.) Ads that aren't specific to dS will be deleted!

We may in future host specific challenges and fests in this community.

Your mod is currently [personal profile] helens78. Contact her via Dreamwidth PM if you have any questions!

This is a new comm, so the tagging structure is still a work in progress.

  1. No personal attacks or flaming -- this includes other fans as well as the actors, writers and producers of the show.
  2. No character-bashing, please! All characters and pairings are welcome here.
  3. Please label any NSFW or viewer-discretion-advised posts using Dreamwidth's features (see this guide to marking your entries viewer-discretion-advised; scroll to the bottom!).
  4. Please put all long entries, image-heavy entries, and NSFW entries behind a cut.

Thank you kindly!

Looking for more fanworks for this fandom? See due South fandom on Archive of Our Own.

Much of the wording for this profile was taken from [community profile] midlands_fanworks with permission from [personal profile] elke_tanzer, who also provided the default icon. Thank you!
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