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Apr. 22nd, 2013 09:24 pm
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Dinner Date (podfic) (8 words) by mergatrude
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: due South
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Vecchio
Additional Tags: Podfic, Podfic Length: 10-20 Minutes, Audio Format: MP3, First Kiss

A podfic of the lovely fic Dinner Date by [personal profile] exeterlinden.
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Wildflower Honey (Wilby Wonderful, Dan/Duck if you squint) performed by [personal profile] hananobira

C-Three-H-Five-(N-O-Three)-Three (due South, Fraser/Kowalski) performed by [personal profile] kalakirya

The In Time series (due South, Fraser/Kowalski) - the one where Ray's turtle is more than he seems... Performed by [personal profile] podfic_lover

Trouble Sleeping (HCL snippet, Joe/Billy), part of the werewolf!Joe series.
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I won a charity auction from [personal profile] helens78 a while ago (possibly it was the Haiti one?) and now she has made podfic for me! \o/

These are all written by me:
Shared Warmth: Post-CotW dogsledding and porn, Fraser/Kowalski, 16:28, R
You Won't Do This Alone: The aftermath of Caroline's death, written from Buck's POV. Gen, 31:29, PG-13
After Hours: Meg gives in to temptation. Fraser/Thatcher, 17:08, R
Heads Up: Denny can't let go of the fact that he got the better of her. Fraser/Denny Scarpa, 23:00, NC-17

and then she also recorded Your Protector, by [personal profile] exeterlinden (48:23, Bob, Buck and Caroline gen) which is an awesome story that I actually also won at an auction (do go read or listen to it!).
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Staying Warm on a Cold Night: Mark comes to visit Fraser and Ray up in Inuvik. Fraser/Kowalski/Smithbauer, 5,000 words, NC-17
Working Late: Ray comes by Stella's office to see if she's done working yet. PWP. Stella/Ray K, 1200 words, NC-17
Relief: She read the words in the paper: Legendary Mountie dead in hunting accident. 700 words, PG

Divide: Ray sees Victoria in Vegas. Ray V and Victoria gen, PG-13
Real: Frannie had always thought love was like an arrow from that weird little baby love god. Sudden, and starry-eyed, and overwhelming. Frannie/Elaine, G
Snow: "Is it snowing out?" Fraser/Victoria, PG-13
Disclosures: Benton speaks up to his father about his relationship to Ray. F/K, Bob/Buck/Caroline, G

Death-Defying, by [personal profile] keerawa (F/K, R, 1h 34m)
Eat Dessert First , by [personal profile] brigantine (Elaine Besbriss/Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, NC-17, 29m)
Voices in the Wind, by me ((Caroline and Benton gen, PG-13, 8m, repod)
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I'm experimenting with the wonderful world of podfic. I recorded my first one tonight. Just a little snippet I wrote for [community profile] dsc6dsnippets.

You can find it here on my DW page or on my LJ.
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The podfic of Long Road (Long Ride Home) IS COMPLETE AND POSTED!

(same post, mirrored both places)

I'm so pleased! Big huge thanks to [personal profile] andeincascade for suggesting it in the first place, and of course to [ profile] brooklinegirl for writing it, and for [ profile] ctbn60 for the awesome cover art. I'm really delighted with this, and I hope anybody who's interested in a five-and-a-half-hour due South podfic (F/K/V) will love it. :D
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Recorded for the current round of dS/C6D Tag; [personal profile] helens78 prompted me with "answer," which made me think of this fic of mine.

Just over eleven minutes long (1200 words), this podfic is phone sex, heavy on the yearning. If that sounds like your happy place, you can find all the details and the download link in this post on LJ.

I tag [ profile] bghost with (optional) prompt: Sign
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I've been tagged! My prompt was "red", so I have a podfic in which Fraser's blindingly bright red serge makes Ray blink a few times. (But the day gets rapidly better after that.)

You can stream or download it at Amplificathon on DW or at my website. :)

Up next: I tag [personal profile] malnpudl! Prompt (if you want to use it) is "answer". :)
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One Time Caroline Fraser Was Rescued By a Mountie (and Four Times She Rescued One) Bob/Caroline, Bob/Buck/Caroline, PG-13, 500 words (five drabbles)
A Name of One's Own: Maggie confronts her mother about her parentage. Maggie MacKenzie and Ellen Stern, 1300 words, PG
Gifts: Ray wants advice. Ray V, Elaine (implied Frannie/Elaine), 300 words, PG-13

A Fine and Private Place by [profile] resonant8 (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 27m)
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Letters: Fraser, I'm putting this where you're gonna find it tomorrow morning, or maybe tonight after I leave. Letters exchanged between Ray K, Fraser and Ray V, written for [personal profile] j_s_cavalcante in the 2012 C6DVD challenge. F/K, 1200 words, G
Lay Me Down: It wasn't easy to go out and get drunk in a town where you represented the law. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks "lost hour" challenge. Bob/Caroline, hints of Bob/Buck, 1000 words, PG
Slow Burn: They hadn't done anything more than kiss, so far. Meg figured they were both being careful and feeling their way through this, scared that it might mess up their working relationship. Written for [personal profile] wintercreek for dSSS 2011. Fraser/Thatcher, 5700 words, NC-17
Trio: "Hey, your Mounties are here again!" Bob/Buck/Caroline, 300 words, G

How the Ray Was Won, by [personal profile] catwalksalone (Kowalski/Vecchio, PG, 55m)
Live A Little, Die A Little by me (Victoria Metcalf/Maggie MacKenzie, R, 9m)
Night is the Colour of a Self by [ profile] troyswann (Fraser, Kowalski, Dief (gen), G, 7m)
Pacta Sunt Servanda by [ profile] arrow00 (Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 16m)
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Stay: Some fly south for the winter, and some stay. Unrequited teenage Fraser/Smithbauer, 300 words, PG
Attention: Ray is having a hard time focusing. F/K, 300 words, R
Assistance: Inspector Margaret Thatcher's method of relieving stress. Fraser/Thatcher, 300 words, NC-17
The Difficulties of Inter-Species Communication: When Fraser and Ray are in trouble, Bob fetches help. Mostly gen, with Bob, Dief, Fraser and Ray, with implied F/K. Written for [personal profile] malnpudl in the October 2011 ficlet exchange. 1450 words, PG
To Hold Fast: Some travel alone, and some together. 6700 words, PG-13 (yeah, apparently I like writing summaries this way)

Come With Me, by [personal profile] zabira (Fraser/Victoria, PG-13, 1h 12m)
What's a Good Friend to Do?, by [personal profile] helens78 (F/K, NC-17, 1h 20m)
Depot by me (Benton Fraser/Eric Kitikmeot, but mostly gen, PG-13, 1h 1m)
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Adrift: Bob Fraser's journal entry for 29 April, 1994. Bob gen, 300 words, G
Advice: A telephone call. Benton Fraser and Maggie MacKenzie gen, 300 words, G
Furtive: Masturbation. In a sleeping bag. F/K, 300 words, R
Tit For Tat: Ray can't resist getting back at Fraser. A sequel to Furtive. F/K, 2500 words, NC-17
Fly-by: Fraser/Smithbauer wingfic. 900 words, R
Push and Pull: Ray and Fraser are in therapy to deal with their psychic bond, and they also handle another case at the department of magical crimes. Sequel to Accidental Bonding. F/K, 9,700 words, R
Evaluations (the Paperwork Remix): A remix of [ profile] simplystars's About A Girl. Thatcher gen, 1100 words, G

Volcanic Geranium, by [personal profile] zelempa (F/K, R, 2h 22m)
Leaving Home, by me (Benton Fraser/Eric Kitikmeot, but mostly gen, R, 1h 17m)
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I've just finished my first Really Big Podfic Project, which was all five stories in Luzula's Shapeshifter 'Verse. :)

Link to the MP3 files
Link to the podbook version (compiled by [personal profile] cybel)

Together, all five files run approximately 3 hours; there are also links to the individual story files if you have a favorite that you'd like to download right away. :) The stories are Bob/Caroline, Fraser/Victoria, and Fraser/Kowalski.

Many thanks to [personal profile] luzula for letting me record these! I really enjoyed it. :)
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