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[personal profile] green, who posted the very, very awesome Beg Me For It (RayK/Fraser, amnesia, kink). :D

And if you didn't catch it the first time around, [personal profile] akamine_chan is setting up a due South Rewatch, starting this Sunday, May 2, at 2pm Chicago (see the post here for more details!). \o/
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I really wanted to do something to inspire people to post more here in [community profile] duesouth, but I came down with a nasty bout of food poisoning last Wednesday and am still recovering -- thus rendering my plan to do something week-by-week very difficult!

Instead, here's what I'm proposing:

Every time someone posts to [community profile] duesouth, I'll put their name in a hat. At 12:00 noon, Chicago time, on April 30, I'll draw one name out of the Stetson, and the winner will get 500 Dreamwidth points to do with as they please. (And yes: if you post 10 times, I'll drop your name in the Stetson 10 times. More content is good!)

The one catch: If you're linking to something, the link needs to be on Dreamwidth in order to go in the Stetson (since the dual purpose here is to garner more content on Dreamwidth while fundraising for Dreamwidth!). But you can link back to your journal if you want, that's fine! (And you're always welcome to link anywhere you want -- it just won't go in the Stetson if it's not on Dreamwidth.)

[community profile] duesouth accepts any type of fanwork: fic, art, recs, fanmixes, icons, podfic, meta, picspam, discussion posts (of fic or shows), anything at all! If you've been wanting to see more Due South action on Dreamwidth, now's your chance! You can repost older work you've been meaning to archive on DW, by the way -- there are always new people coming around, so it's entirely possible there's a whole new audience for your work!

(Disclaimer: My name is going in the hat -- I really want to see people other than myself post this month, but if I'm the only one, I'm still donating to Dreamwidth, even if it means I'm buying myself the points. ^_^ However, if at least 10 people who aren't me post, I'll take my name back out of the hat. I'd rather encourage other people to post than rack up more points for myself!)

If anyone else has any ideas for tweaks, or suggestions for other ways to fundraise here, I'm all for it -- and please feel free to pass this to others on your reading/subscription list!
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Welcome to [community profile] duesouth, a community for posting (or linking) your due South-related fanworks!

Fic, art, vids, fanmixes, recs, reviews, and meta are all welcome here, though we ask you to keep random squee under your Stetsons; structure that squee into a rec/review/meta post for us, and we'll squee with you!

All characters, pairings, genres, and ratings are welcome here. We ask you to avoid character-bashing; everyone in the show is somebody's favorite character!

Please place long fic, image-heavy posts, or anything NSFW behind a cut-tag (see here for how to do that), and if possible, mark posts requiring viewer discretion as such. (See here for how to do that, all the way at the bottom of the page!)

Any questions can be left in comments here or sent as a PM to your mod, [personal profile] helens78. Thank you kindly!

(And by all means, go ahead and use the comments of this post to say hi and let us know how you first came to Chicago due South fandom! Hopefully it wasn't on the trail of the killers of your father, but everyone's got a story...)


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