#ITPE 2017

Sep. 24th, 2017 01:24 pm
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(#ITPE letters are apparently all I'm using this journal for)

Dear Podficcer,

You're awesome. Podfic is awesome. #ITPE is awesome. I am shamelessly copy-and-pasting from previous letters.


* Temeraire (a brief list of interests: tharkaaaaaayyyyy, laurence/tharkay, laurence/granby, granbyyyyy, Admiral Roland (not endgame with laurence as anything other than still fuckbuddies), Emily Roland, ladies and dragons)

* Rivers of London (police wizards ftw! I love peter! nightingale is very gay. I love gossipy old dude retired wizards. I love abigail and jaget and all the people on the periphery of the demi-monde. I am down with Peter/Nightingale, but honestly I'm mostly in this fandom for the gen and the side characters)

* The Eagle (preferably canon-era Marcus/Esca or Marcus/Esca/Cottia. canon aus and historical aus are also my jam)

* Slings & Arrows (theater is a thing I do did. I love maria so much. I am maria so much. maria/anna, stage management shenanigans, shakespeare. basically any S&A and I will love you forever)

* Queen's Thief (costis/kametCOSTIS/KAMETCOSTIS/KAMET)

* Rogue One (old married space dads, cassian/k-2so, anything bodhi, gen, everybody lives, everybody dies)

* Magnificent Seven (specifically Billy/Goodnight a lot)

* Society of Gentlemen (tiny books fandoms ftw, there's a couple really good ash/francis fics, and dom/silas is the pairing of my heart)

* found families
* accidental dating, or everyone-thinks-they're-dating, or the inverse: no one knows they're dating but they think everyone does
* succeeding at things/life in unconventional ways
* happy endings
* werewolves
* unusual formats
* figuring out how to be equals within a relationship when an unequal power dynamic exists outside of it or on appearances
* people being good at their jobs

If you're looking for ideas, there's my pinboard.

Cool things

Sep. 24th, 2017 10:56 pm
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- I'm really happy to see [community profile] 50books_poc active again. I used to get tons of recs from it and am looking forward to it broadening my reading again.

- be yourself my ally A Wonder Woman fic featuring Etta/Diana. Pretending to be lovers is such a fun trope and it's deftly applied to a great pairing here. Themyscira was my favorite part of the movie so it made me happy to see it explored a bit here. I love how the author fleshed out Etta - her down-to-earthness, her warmth, her pragmatism and her ability to enjoy the little things. And I really appreciate how she portraits her as a queer lady who has had relationships with other queer ladies and who knows her worth.

- The Superhusbands Aluminum Anniversary Anthology is out! If you're into Steve/Tony at all, go check it out. It contains nearly 600 pages of new fanfic and fanart and is available for download for free.
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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2wQ7lXl on September 24, 2017 at 12:00PM

Caribbean Hurricane Maria & Irma Relief Fund:

Please take time this Sunday to donate to help our neighbors recover from Hurricane Maria and Irma. This charity has a 4 star rating and spends its money on the ground. And if you cannot spare any funds, please reshare.

This will be 1 of several organizations I will highlight today.

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund

Sep. 24th, 2017 04:08 pm
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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2hsfrzQ on September 24, 2017 at 09:02AM

Puerto Rico Real-Time Recovery Fund:

While the kneel/stand sports/first amendment debate is fascinating, please take time this Sunday to donate to help our neighbors recover from Hurricane Maria and Irma. This charity has a 4 star rating and spends its money on the ground. And if you cannot spare any funds, please reshare.

This will be 1 of several organizations I will highlight today.

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Pacificon AKA Bitchin' Party

Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:09 pm
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Yays! I can haz Bitchin' Party again! (TYK to the new con comm!)

I just now registered. Anybody going from my DW circle? LMK!

August booklog

Sep. 23rd, 2017 01:38 pm
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125. The Cat's Eye and 127. Helen Vardon's Confession - R Austin Freeman ) Not exactly Freeman's finest, but there are some nice bits tucked away here.

126. Kushiel's Dart - Jacqueline Carey ) I still think this book is really messed up, but the plot just about makes up for it.

128. Trouble and Her Friends - Melissa Scott ) Mostly interesting as a kind of historical curiosity, but if you like cyberpunk it's definitely worth a look.

129. Shadow Man - Melissa Scott ) Lots of cool gender stuff in this one, but I really loved the story about building for liberation that it surrounded.

130. Temeraire - Naomi Novik ) The simplest and also I think best of Novik's novels so far; nothing else she's written is quite this adorable.

131. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle ) I dunno, I love these less than I used to.

132. Curse of Chalion - Lois McMaster Bujold ) Remains one of my consistent favourites.

The Commonweal books - Graydon Saunders ) I wish more people were reading these, because I love them. And also that he would publish the next one, because I want to read it.

136. The Witch of Syracuse - Dorothy J Heydt ) These are pretty good, but not exceptional; on the other hand, they're free to download, so you could definitely try them!

Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, books 2 and 3 ) I like these, and I like what Coates is trying to do, but I'm not sure how he's going to get there! And it's an awkward mixture of elements, at times.

139. Speak Its Name - Kathleen Jowitt ) A sweet little romance, with lots of student Christian politics thrown into the mix. Fab.

140. Servant of the Underworld - Aliette de Bodard ) This is more like the de Bodard I found in the short stories! Will be reading the sequel.

Due south: Fic: G

Sep. 23rd, 2017 02:16 am
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Title: Wise
Fandom: Due South
Characters: Rayk, Dief and Ray’s turtle
Rating: G
Word Count: 400
Summary: Turtle is wise
An: Written for the Anything Drabble prompt: Wise
An: Also here at AO3
An2: Here at Anything Drabble

‘Due )

Dear Seekrit Santa

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:58 am
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Hello Santa, I hope you're as excited for dSSS as I am! I'm making a big list of things I like/don't like, etc. but please don't be overwhelmed! I only want to make sure you have lots of options for inspiration, since I know that helps me ;) I'll love whatever you make, and I hope you have fun making it!

- Happy endings!
- Judaism (especially Jewish RayK)
- D/s / power exchange (sexual or non-sexual, but fully consensual!)
- Fluff
- Angst with a happy ending
- Pining
- H/C
- Injury, especially leg injuries
- AU stuff, especially:
       - Soulmates/soulbonds
       - Historical AUs, especially Ancient Rome
       - D/s universe
- Disability stuff, especially:
       - Learning disabilities
       - Autism spectrum
       - Various physical disabilities
       - Various psychiatric disabilities, especially OCD
- Complimentary strenghts
- Complimentary dysfunctions
- Hair washing/brushing
- Begging
- Bondage (sexual or non-sexual, but fully consensual!)
- Casefic
- Any combination of those things!

- Mpreg (different from pregnant trans men!)
- Scat/watersports
- Actually unrequited love
- I'm Jewish, so please don't make me a Christmas thing!

- Major character death
- Minor chatacter death beyond quick, non-explicit mentions
- Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, etc.) and abuse recovery beyond quick, non-explicit mentions
- Rape and rape recovery beyond quick, non-explicit mentions
- Torture
- Victoria in general
- Unreality (including caused by disability)
- Suicide/attempted suicide
- Underage

What I'm Doing Wednesday

Sep. 20th, 2017 10:01 pm
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books T. Kingfisher )


Mom's cat LOVED her kickbunny! I have about a million pics to sort and then find a few to edit into the pattern post, and then the kickbunny pattern will go live. *pleased*

dirt plants log )

There is other stuff, but it will wait.


Sep. 20th, 2017 07:07 am
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 injured myself last night. walking, standing, sitting etc is very painful. may be offline for a while.

Due South: Fic

Sep. 20th, 2017 04:07 am
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Title: Love
Fandom: Due South
Characters: Rayk and Dief
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Ray thinks love sucks
An: Written for the ds_snippets prompt: hammer
An2: Also here at AO3

Also here at ds_snippets

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Calls To Kill TrumpCare

Sep. 20th, 2017 06:12 am
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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2ycGRAA on September 19, 2017 at 10:40PM

If you live in a Democratic state you can help.

.....if you live in a state with two Democratic Senators who support the ACA, you may be asking yourself: what more can I do? How can I influence persuadable Republicans in red states who may be on the fence?

Well, we have an answer! We’re bringing back the blue state/red state calling tool from the last healthcare fight.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up below to make phone calls from our peer-to-peer dialing tool. You’ll get an email confirmation with a login, password, and URL to sign into our system. Once signed in, you can start making calls immediately—and we’ll give you a script to make it as easy as possible!

  2. Next, you’ll call a voter in a key state with a swing Republican Senator. These folks are your friends—they attended the Women’s March, they’re standing up to #DefendDACA, and/or fight for progressive causes.

  3. You explain how they have power now. You’ll remind them why the continued fight against TrumpCare is so important—and why they have particular power in this moment.

  4. You ask them to use their power. You’ll ask them to call their senator in opposition to the bill, and to share their own reasons for opposing it.

  5. The tool connects them to their Senator’s office. The call tool will allow you to automatically patch them through to the Senators’ district offices.

It’s super easy: more than 1,000 Indivisibles in blue states made 100,000 phone calls to constituents in our target states in the final two days before the healthcare vote in July. And we won. We can win this time, too.

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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

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