Feb. 27th, 2016

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Two dSSS treats written in etheree form. (Etheree is a poetry form that consists of ten lines of unmetered and unrhymed verse, the first line having one syllable, each succeeding line adding a syllable, with the total syllable count being 55; a double etheree counts up to ten, and ten again, and back down to one with the total syllable count being 110.)

Title: Diefenbaker - Etheree
Fandom: due South
Character: Diefenbaker
Category: Gen
Word-Count: 47

Summary: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Miscreants. Who's afraid of the big bad dog? Anyone with baked goods.

AN: Written as a treat for the wonderful [personal profile] verushka70, who is a dSSS pinch hitter so awesome that even the extreme pain and compromised movement of tendonitis and epicondylitis combined did not stop her from volunteering to pinch hit and then following through to make the deadline. Her request was for Badass!Diefenbaker.

Fic at AO3.

~^~ ~^~ ~^~

Title: Call of the Wild - Double Etheree
Fandom: due South
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski, Diefenbaker
Relationships: Can be read with or without slash-goggles.
Category: Gen
Word-Count: 83

Summary: A nearly canon-compliant moment of the departure on the Quest.

AN: Written as a treat for the lovely [personal profile] luzula, who graciously took on the role of pinch hitter for this dSSS. This poem is based on her prompts "landscape description" and "dogsledding".

Fic at AO3.


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